In July 2011, 91̽oration (subsequently known as Twenty-First Century Fox, acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2019), then the parent company of News International (“NI”), now known as News UK, publicly committed itself to responding fully to the revelations of voicemail interception by former employees of the weekly News of the World.  This resulted in, among other things:

– The immediate closure of the News of the World.

– The establishment of a Management and Standards Committee (“MSC”),  autonomous from NI and with an independent chairman (Lord Anthony Grabiner QC), reporting directly to the Board of Directors, which was authorized to have oversight of, and take responsibility for, all matters in relation to voicemail interception and, subsequently, apparent payments to public officials and other connected issues including the UK police investigations, civil proceedings, Parliamentary proceedings, the Leveson Inquiry and the Press Complaints Commission.  For further information regarding the MSC, 

– The creation of a company-wide Compliance Steering Committee reporting directly to the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee, and the creation and implementation of enhanced, company-wide compliance reforms.  For further information regarding Company-Wide Compliance Reforms,

– A revamping of corporate governance policies and procedures at News UK. For further information regarding News UK Corporate Governance Practices,

Under the direction of the MSC, the following steps, amongst others, were taken:

– A multi-title review was conducted into the journalistic practices of NI’s publications, notwithstanding the absence of allegations at that time with respect to practices other than at the News of the World.  Following that review, the MSC voluntarily provided to the Metropolitan Police Service (“MPS”) evidence indicating possible criminality in the form of apparent payments to public officials by employees of the News of the World and the Sun.

  • Substantial, unprecedented cooperation and assistance was provided in support of multiple MPS investigations.  For further information regarding Cooperation, .

– The company committed to resolving civil claims brought by those who were victims of voicemail interception and, to this end, the company has:

  • Apologized to victims of voicemail interception
  • Established a confidential, extra-judicial compensation scheme
  • Sought to resolve and settle legitimate civil claims as quickly as possible.  For further information regarding Settlements, .